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Adults, not teens. Messages, not Stories. Developing markets, not the US. That's how Evan Spiegel plans to save Snapchat

This is the most mature we've ever seen Snapchat's CEO, thanks to the great get of this internal memo by @alexeheath. Spiegel recognizes his mistakes, and lays out a clear path not to domination, but to sustainability
1. Griffin's deranged tweet is useful as a window into an entire generation of citizens, who were never taught how to think critically.

And who suffered a massive 'narcissistic blow' on Nov 8, 2016.

2. Thinking critically - evaluating the truth of competing claims, using evidence that you have triaged with logic & experience, is difficult.

You have to suspend inherent bias & reach an objective conclusion.

The leftist mindset is incapable, as the Kavanaugh smear proves.

3. Critical thinking is an ancient tradition, a set of skills, passed on from ancient Greek thinkers (esp Socrates) and before.

The core message? Be sceptical.and humble. What others tell you is true, may not be. Test it against objective criteria, not gut feel or 'the herd'.

4. Any person with reasonable critical thinking skills, can see that #DrFraud's allegations against Kavanaugh are not credible.

Not because she's a leftist stooge.

But because objectively, the numerous inconsistencies and untruths in her tale, render it not believable.

5. When you have no critical thinking skills, such as Griffin, all you have left is emotion. The only way to win an argument is via bullying, hectoring, smear and violence.

And lies.

You must FORCE the other side to cower and hide. To do this, you need a MOB, with pitchforks.