Ok I was wrong about theHouse. 2 years of legislative gridlock = not fun. Few bills passing.

Control of the House is useless when it comes to keeping Trump from declassifying all the SpyGate docs. Or stopping an Inspector General from releasing a report.

Trump still gets control of judicial appointments so we can expect another 100 judges over the next two years. This time there’ll be no McCain or Flake playing the Maverick role with their swing vote.
That new margin in the Senate is huge if another Supreme Court seat comes open.
So from the responses I’m getting, people seem to think if Trump declassifies the Spygate stuff now, nothing happens.

Are you under the impression federal prosecutors have to wait until CONGRESS finishes an investigation and makes criminal referrals before the DOJ can act?
There’s a federal grand jury on McCabe right now. Did Congress ever finish it’s investigation and make a referral to the DOJ against him?


BUT INSPECTOR GENERAL HOROWITZ DID. On finishing his McCabe leak report.

Funny how nobody remembers that.

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Ozzie Walters:
Declassify and drop the report...stop talking about it...
Tanya Shuman:
Christopher Perkins:
You don't think we will all laugh as we watch Nancy Pelosi try to go toe to toe with Trump, and watch the Dems SCREECH AND SCREECH themselves into obscurity. I thinks it going to be hilarious.
Gerardus T. Hauwert:
There really is not too much of a difference between a
1) Democrat Party controlled House and
2) @SpeakerRyan controlled House is there?

We'll do fine.

IMO, - NO INFRASTRUCTURE BILL without the WALL fully funded (if not fully built).

.@realDonaldTrump @POTUS @senatemajldr
Matt M:
If we lose AZ, NV, and MT, are we just +1 for the Senate?

That’s bad considering Romney is there now
Tanya Shuman:
karl davis:
big mistake in not declassifying before the vote.
People. Per Q: "Nothing will stop what is coming. Nothing." #TrustThePlan
We are in a fight for sure. However we now have Republicans willing to put up a fight other than Trump. BIG DEAL! Democrats were a minority these last 2 years and created hell. Imagine what Republicans with spine can do.
Mel Junger:
FISA brings down the House

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