The best way to know if people like your product is NOT:

- Have a lot of emails in the waiting list
- Become #1 on PH
- Become #1 of HN or Reddit
- Have people that saing "I'll pay"
- Have a lot of free users

The best way to know if they're actually pay for it.

The only thing that matters is your product providing a value, and you can't know this until people will pay money for it.
We can have a first signal of a product/market fit after the launch by check how many sales we've got in the first 24h. Some scale:

200+ This has a high potential.
100+: This has a potential.
50+: Some people need it.
10+: People almost don't need it.
0+: People don't need it.
This is for a single time payment product. For a subscription probably it should be less because people hate subscription.

And obviously, you should have a lot of traffic like 3-5k+.
Here is a stat for my products (macOS apps) for the first 24h after the launch:
Justin Jackson @mijustin shared his SaaS benchmark:

Ask credit card upfront:
- Visitor to trial: 0.75% - 1%
- Trial to paid: 40% - 60%

Do not ask credit card upfront:
- Visitor to trial: 5%+
- Trial to paid: 8% - 20%
Here is one of the best example that I know for a single time payment product: by @lukaszmtw and @PawelMag

First 24h stat:

- Visitos: 9,221
- Sales: 575
- Convertion rate from visitor to sale: 6.23%

Most Liked Replies

Alex Perry:
- Become #1 on PH
- Become #1 of HN or Reddit

These two particularly are just impressing your peers in the startup community. For SaaS I get NO customers here.
Jamie Anderson:
I’ve noticed demos seem to have become the new trial - terrible idea to demand prospects give up 30+ mins when they’re potentially considering 10+ products
Jesse MS:
WANTING people to "like" your product is the trap to begin with. The best way to figure out if people will PAY for your product is to see if they will PAY for it (before making it)
Max Rozen:
How do you get 'enough people' to see the tool to know they'll actually pay for it, without the above? 🤔
Bartosz Ziembinski:
The problem with this kind of marketfit check is that u need a working product. With waiting list you can check people’s interest even without single line of code.
what is the reason for the difference between 'Clicked Buy' and 'Sales' ?
Alencar Guerreiro:
Then the last option is better...
Justin Jackson:

* and keep paying for it.
Jonny Platt:
It's worth thinking about your traffic quality before dismissing a product entirely though!
There's a big difference between curiosity clicks + impulse buys from a @ProductHunt launch, vs the long term conversion rate of an audience built via search, email + content marketing
Mo Rajabifard:
Read Mom Test book, it helps a lot

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