1) OBSERVATION: The frequencies are changing. I would have to assess stats on the electromagnetic field to see its fluctuations. All I know is, I am highly sensitive to energy/frequencies, and they are changing, because…

2) 2 Weeks ago, my dog was effected by it as well. He is hearing things that aren’t technically audible. I can tell by his body language and sounds. One week ago I began feeling a pressure in my head and ears. It wasn’t painful at all, but it was intense for a bit.
3) It reminded me of taking off in an airplane a bit. I felt like I was in a vacuum. It went on and off for a couple of days. I’ve picked up on frequencies and high pitched sounds (not audible to most) for 30 years, and today my right ear began to ring for longer than usual.
4) This is nothing unusual for me, with exception of the duration. This happens often with me. No, it’s not tinnitus. Only this time, when I spoke, there was reverb creating a high pitch in my ear from my voice. This lasted for about 30 minutes. It did not hurt, just annoying.
5) So yes, the frequencies are changing. What this means exactly, I am unsure of at the moment. Some will say electromagnetic fields, others will say ascension, and some will say pole shift. I honestly can’t say at this very moment.
6) I have a strong balance between facts/science and faith/intuition, so I am going to ponder this and see what resonates. I may possibly explore it a bit to see what science is saying about the past 2 weeks. If anyone has already done this research, please post it here.
7) Or, if you have been having these experiences, feel free to share here as well. One thing I know for certain, is no matter what the cause, perception is key, therefore, it’s not going to be a bad thing in my book. This is all just an observation at the moment.
8) Fascinating. My friend @DrMumbiSeraki just messaged me after seeing this thread to let me know..."It’s happening here in Africa too. The 2 million wildebeests that migrate to the Serengeti around this time of year went & came right back to Maasai Mara! https://t.co/O2NPBbQcj2

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Little Viking +++ 🇸🇪🇦🇺:
Absolutely! I’m highly sensitive to it also. I experienced that reverb-like sensation a few days ago but it didn’t last very long.
Interesting. I've been having high pitched ringing/electrical sensations. Like tinnitis but it's not in my ears. It's also been noticeable the past 2-3 weeks though I usually tune it out.
Peggy Bjugstad:
Our cat has been crying a lot at night. She does this once in while but lately more frequently. I have problems already with my right ear but seems worse lately. Have been feeling spiritually more sensitive and sudden sadness especially for the unbelievers the last six months.
You've read about the Schumann resonance? Also I think part of the cell phone towers is a system to minimum promote more violence.
Glenn Roberts:
IONS has something called the Global Consciousness Project that is based on the idea that when human consciousness becomes coherent, the behavior of random systems may change.

Diane Brown:
Our dog is extremely on edge. We wondered if she could hear thunder as she doesn't like that, but there hasn't been any thunder around in many instances. She is hiding under the table and won't leave our side for hours at a time then she seems relaxed again.
Yep! Lately it's been so loud I can feel it vibrating/buzzing in my head and it's difficult to fall asleep because it drowns out normal ambient noise. This has been going on most of my adult life but usually I can ignore it with ease. It's loud af right this very second.
Many may have different 'labels' they put to the experience and or symptoms but in my view it doesn't much matter what you call it. The point is self awareness. Awareness of the power within our hearts.
Maddog Mattis, Marine:
Anxiety has been off the charts. Left ear feels stuffy...
Suzanne Giraud:
Oh Corey! Australian in AU here, I have been listening to every single @realDonaldTrump Trump/POTUS Rally and picked up on the humungous LOVE Energy being broadcast GLOBALLY- THIS is my perception of what you share here.

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