More than 20 Brazilian universities were invaded by the military police in the past 2 days. They confiscated material on the history of fascism, interrupted classes due to 'ideological content', removed anti-fascist banners and posters claiming that it was electoral propaganda.

In the state of Rio, the court ordered the UFF faculty to remove from the Law School facade a flag with the message "UFF Law Against Fascism". The judge even determined the arrest of the director unless the flag was removed within 12 hours.
UERJ also reported police forces removing flags in support of Marielle Franco and another one that reads "Anti-fascism UERJ". In Rio Grande do Sul, an event entitled "Against fascism, Pro Democracy" was also prohibited by the electoral court.
In Mato Grosso do Sul, a public class entitled "Crushing Fascism" was also censored. In Pará, a lecture was interrupted by the military police that questioned the professor about the ideological content of the class and threatened to arrest him.
Many other student movements and organizations reported military police forces inside classrooms, student units, academic directories, confiscating any sort of materials with 'anti-fascist' or 'pro-democracy' content.

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Chile Solidarity Network:
Operation condor part two. Just add Chile to the mix
Americans need to wake up and realize this could be us someday if things continue down this hate filled path.
Be afraid Brazil be very afraid. Quick stepping into fascist dictatorship if they choose Bolsanaro.
All you fascists bound to lose✊
Wow Brazil got to this stage really really quickly. I think that puts them ahead of Italy now.
Greg Myers 🌹:
Brazil is gone
stu briscoe 🌹☮️:
Nazi Germany. Alive and well in Brazil. I wonder where the original ideology comes from, particularly considering that many Nazis fled Germany for South America at the end of WW2.
Fenix the #BrasilViraHaddad reborn bird:
It is a classical way of fascism in colonial states. Almost the same things happens in colonies. Police can easily enter the universities and do anything they want.
Stanley Gontarski:
"When will we ever learn, when will we E--VER learn."

Parece muito abstrato o conceito de RESISTÊNCIA. Então, nessa thread vou listar iniciativas que tornam essa resistência concreta. Você pode participar, compartilhar, ajudar, pedir ajuda, doar, RESISTIR.
(Se tiver sugestões me avisa que vou incluindo!)
RT, pfv!
Várias organizações se juntaram pra e tocar essa campanha imensa de financiamento coletivo pra apoiar grupos que acolhem pessoas que sofrem violência, intolerância, racismo, homofobia, transfobia e todo tipo de preconceito. #NiguémFicaPraTrás!
A ACODE é um grupo que usa o inbox do Facebook e do Instagram pra responder aos casos de violência política no Brasil. Participam da iniciativa: @AllOut, @defemde, Casa1, DIVAM, @conectas e ativistas do Brasil todo.

A @AllOut está se preparando pra lançar a All Out Brasil pra intensificar a luta por direitos, dignidade e segurança para todas as pessoas LGBT+ do Brasil.

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