Here is Editor-in-Chief of the @EpochTimes, @JasperFakkert's response to the slanted hit piece that @Buzzfeed's @HayesBrown put up 2 days ago:

Brown's article at Buzzfeed starts off pretending it's some kind of really off-the-wall notion that Hillary Clinton paid for the creation of the Steele Dossier that was then used to justify the FBI's spying on the Trump campaign & transition team.
After that awful start, he swerves to making accusations that the Epoch Times is connected to the 'cult' Falon Gong.

You can read the article here:
Brown insinuates with no real evidence whatsoever that the Epoch Times is 'Falon Gong-linked'.

The 'evidence' he supplies in his article to 'prove' @EpochTimes is 'Falon Gong-linked is this:
1) the Epoch Times' extensive *news coverage* of China's attempts to wipe out Falon Gong with intense persecution directed at the group since 1999.

2) a reporter *shouting a question in 2006* at then-President George W. Bush about China's persecution of Falon Gong members.
3) a credentialed Epoch Times photojournalist was caught red handed *handing President Trump an envelope* at a White House event in September.

Here's that 'crime' captured for posterity:
4) the nefarious Falon Gong actually attempts to WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE outside of China. Brown's article includes this quote from a Chinese flunky in NY sandwiched between the facts of Epoch Times reporters being jailed in China & the Chinese govt refusing comment.
Note that it's very important to bring up this nefarious Falun Gong activity of trying to make the US govt their friend that Brown repeats Ming Xia's point twice.

Either that or he needs a better editor.
Instead of writing overlong screeds attempting to make sensational accusations based on his own prejudices, Brown would be better served to educate himself on why this Chinese guy at CUNY is defending the Chinese gov't's trying to eradicate Falun Gong & other 'subversives'.
He could, for instance, read this detailed and extensively researched article by @JoshJPhilipp on China's use of media propaganda to make their oppressio of their own citizens look just peachy keen in the West.
He could focus on the section in that article entitled "Influence of US Universities & Education" and actually learn something.

Go ahead and compare what Philipp wrote with the thinly sourced slanted 'news' article Brown put together.

This isn't really a contest.


Most Liked Replies

Definitely right on good read. More than half of Americans have no idea what is happening in Hollywood Elites minds. Perfect explanation they are controlled. This shouldn't be allowed on American soil. We can't have SOCIALISM or Communism in the USA.
Stewart Hansen:
The entire article is devoted to trying it discredit your publication. Tries to make Epoch sound "extremist", which just isn't true.
Religious Terminator:
Love @EpochTimes
I see them all over small businesses.
Alt-Right Alex:
I find the use of the terms "BuzzFeed" and "reporting" in the same sentence to be very disturbing.
It's true that Epoch Times consistently draws attention
to the abuses that Falun Gong endures in China.
That's a good thing.
b scott:
"Truth and tradition" - a noble & well named motto for an impressive news source.
LapThis ⭐⭐⭐ Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. ⭐⭐⭐:
Won't see him taking anything from Acosta...
Middle American:
I'm glad they're promoting that awesome SpyGate graphic - it's pretty badass. Someone in the middle will see that and wanna check it out. Nobody cares about "oh this was banned in China" crap, we all know that's propaganda.
Joseph Palada 🇺🇸 🇨🇦:
The fact that they are attacking shows how on target you guys have been. They are running scared.
RG- Super Elite:
Buzzfeed is involved in the coup d'etat against Trump and they really don't like the Epoch times uncovering the #SpyGate scandal because of Buzzfeed's involvement.

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