1) Gonna offer a hypothesis. This is NOT a prediction quite yet.

2) In the last couple of days the DNCC went back into IA1 (Blum) and VA10 (Comstock) and began placing ads again.

3) These were races they thought they had won in mid-summer. Barbara Comstock was the . . .

3) contd . . epitome of the endangered R who would lose her seat in the fall. She of course still might.

4) But this race was supposed to be over weeks ago. The fact that the DNCC is now having to fight for this territory tells me something.
5) I think the DemoKKKrat strategists can actually read. Moreover, I think they can read absentee/early voting #s as well as we can.

6) Which means they see they are getting buried. Even in NV, the only state of six where they have a tiny lead, I'm told that . . .
6) contd . . when the rural counties come in, Ds will be a shocking 41,000 short of their 2016 numbers (when Trump only lost by 27,000).

7) What does it mean they are now having to retake the "cities" they supposedly held? It probably means they never held them at all.
8) Their "leads" were always based almost entirely on polls.

9) But I think it means something more. I think the DNC is . . .

10) They are looking at losing a net five or six more senate seats . . but with some luck, Rs could take one or two more meaning a 58 or 59 seat senate. This would put it well out of RINO range.

Minion Romney would not be able to slink over to the DemoKKKrats . . .
10) contd . . . and caucus to sink Trump-friendly bills or legislation.

Thank you Susan Collins, but that will be the last time you EVER hold the upper hand in a vote.

11) But it means more than that. I think the Ds' retreat in these "safe" races means something bigger:
12) I think they KNOW they will not take the House and now are terrified of actually losing MORE seats to the Rs.

13) Again, the numbers are in their favor: I count only 2 "guaranteed" D-R flips right now and about 5 others. But when you see those absentee #S, . . .
13) contd . . they "seem" to be bringing a different message from the voters.

14) The Ds can afford to not take back the House. After all, they don't have it now.

15) What they CANNOT afford is to be seen as losing across the board, a continuation of the Obama years.
16) I'll wait for more evidence before changing my hypothesis to a prediction, but if I see just two more ad buys in seats that a month ago were considered "safe" D?

I'll know that on election night the drug stores are gonna be running short of razor blades.

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