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FL prosecutor got this right. That's not a 'stand your ground' case. The guy doesn't have the hatchet in his hand and he's attempting to flee, not assauting the store owner.

Good case example of when NOT to shoot. He's going to prison.

You *might* in a looting situation following a natural disaster get away with dropping somebody running away from you carrying a Tv or something like that. MAYBE.

That's not the case here.
And the reason this is different from the most famous of FL's 'Stand Your Ground' cases, the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case, is that Martin sucker punched Zimmerman & was grounding & pounding him before lethal force came into play.
If you are going to point a handgun at someone else and pull that trigger, you had better be 100% certain you know the law in your state. This guy apparently didn't or forgot. And since it's on video & it's clear he's not under any kind of attack, he's going to prison.
Just assuming "Yeah, uh, my state DA isn't going to send me to prison for shooting this guy in the back running away from me carrying my TV/Stereo/whatever cuz hey, I have a *right to defend my property!* is....not smart.
Lots of people end up in prison thinking they had some kind of defense for killing somebody when they didn't. States that allow CCW or open carry have courses you can take to teach you when it's legal to use lethal force.

Don't *assume* anything.



Yes, Trump and his team had seen this stunt before. THIS time they have the Mexican gov't on our side to protect the new trade agreement.

How many got through the last time they pulled this stunt? Did they get the huge photo op of the kids being separated from their parents that they wanted?

Would people STOP PRETENDING they don't know Trump is ready for this?


Grow the hell up.

Some of them are still coming, you say? Well my goodness, I guess that means there's nothing Trump can do now.

He's finished, isn't he? 🤔

I'm reminded again why Thomas Wictor had to frequently tell people DON'T BRING ME YOUR FEAR, I'm not interested in it. Take it somewhere else.

If this caravan actually DOES make it our border, Trump will have measures ready to deal with it.

Stop the hysteria.

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I run into this mindset a lot and it bugs me on so many levels, as an educator, as an internet person, as a communicator and as an introvert.

In fact most of my university time has been filled with this kind of rhetoric, mostly from professors, from laptop bans to full-on tirades about “back in my day”.

Which is especially fascinating given that almost all of my profs are boomers and according to the stats...

“Baby boomers spend 27 hours per week online, which is two hours more per week than those who are between 16 and

I like digital spaces. In some ways they feel more real, we don’t talk about how’s the weather and how’s your sister and all those annoying scripted conversation topics.

If I want to sit here and type a feminist rant I can; and I’m not going to get hauled off by the cops for disturbing the peace.

I can have deep, meaningful conversations and connections with people without navigating the sensory overload of public spaces.