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1) Let's build an AI profiler! A thought experiment—on just how easy it is to know everything about YOU.

Where to start? Ah... Let's build the operating system...

2) Well... We have an option here... Seeing that we are still in "binary-land," it would be best to stick with known technologies...

Windows? Nope
Mac? Nope
Ah LINUX! Nope

Unix? Yep... For now...

Ultimately? We roll our own OS.
3) Ok... We'll start with OpenBSD—the most battle-hardened OS for security operations.

Next step... Close ALL ports. Zero communication with any outside network... later we'll open up a couple ports.

For now, we need a black box.
4) Ok! We have a Unix box... yay!

Ok... Time to start coding... But what language?

There is only ONE choice—a programming language even geniuses have a hard time with.

But what language is that? Is it new? Tip of the spear?

Nope... it was created in 1959.

5) Why is Lisp preferred for AI, robots, satellites, and other mission-critical software?

Well... For one, Lisp can CREATE new programs itself... If you train it correctly, it will write its own programs.

Paul Graham said it best:
6) Back to our profiler app.

First, we need to create a social network... it's the easiest way to gather massive amounts of information about people—voluntarily.

If we want to know what people are saying, feeling, and doing, we need to provide a way for them to tell us.

7) Ok... Let's name w/ something catchy and SAFE sounding... Warm and fuzzy...

How about "Life Journal," or "Friend Connect," or "Freedom Log." Meh... Let's go w/ Life Journal...

Ok... Now we build a Wall, a Message center, videos, photos, etc...

8) Emoji's will tell us what people are thinking and FEELING... All we need to do is put a WIDE variety of emoji's for people to more accurately express themselves.

The more choices, the more accurate our database...

They'll do it, gladly. They will segment themselves—for us!
9) We'll use color theory to persuade users to take the actions we want them to take, but they will feel like it's free will or their own self-determination. We will A/B text the app to a large focus group to see WHICH layout / design converts the best...
10) Ok! App is ready for launch...

Let's gather all the info we possibly can... Analytics, mouse movements, time on site, posts that were typed, but not submitted (the best stuff)—every keystroke, recorded.

Ok... What next? Gamification!
11) If we are smart architects, we'll look for data in behavioral science, specifically game theory, graph theory, war gaming, etc... Some of these functions can be written in a few lines of code... Let's grab them all.

Let's also look to Freud, Bernays, Mises, et. al. more data
12) So... Now we have some logic to bounce our incoming data against...

But it's so much easier to BUY profiling tools... We could simply go to Neilsen and acquire their PRIZM platform for a few grand...

Now we have "buckets!" Buckets for people types.

13) "'Shotguns and Pick-ups.' 'Money and Brains.' ' Upper Crust.'"

Pretty clever. We can now estimate—within a small margin—how people will react, think, or feel—All based on which "bucket" they most associate with...

Ok... Now we're cookin'!
14) Let's grab a few more predictive algorithms for good measure. Forecasting, Set Theory, Etc., etc... Al open source and available for free on GitHub.

Ok... We're ready to build our database...
15) But which one? PostgreSQL? Mongo? Nope...

Remember, our app is built with Lisp... Why would we use something inferior?

The database ITSELF must be written in Lisp...


No ledger. We need something far superior than a 2D matrix of columns and rows... That's so 1980.
16) We need a legitimate graph database. Infinitely available for ad hoc queries... No structure needed. It's fractal, if you want it to be... Lisp is fractal, if you can wrap your head around all those ((()))

Supremely granular. Ever-present.

Ed Finkler
17) Ok... Now we map all our algorithms, data sets, and other magic goodies to Lisp... It's just data. But now it lives in our universe...

Ready to go? Not quite yet... Let's make our life easy.

I mean... This is a commercially viable business, right? We need EFFICIENCY.
18) Instead of the expense of hosting it ourselves, in our own data center, let's force the device the user is on to do most of the computation. We only need the data.

I mean... Hell, since we're at it, we could add Geo-Location features to all phones! We'll call it a "feature."
19) Now—most importantly—we need to draft the user agreement—An adhesion contract. And since our Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy is of our own creation, we call ALL the shots...

In fact, just to cover our ass, we will ASK the users if they agree, knowing 98% don't read 'em.
20) It's important to protect ourselves, so we should make this entity a Private Express Trust, in its own jurisdiction. We create a holding company in the Caribbean, and that company will own the shares to a Delaware C Corp—The only State with its own Chancery Court.
21) We'll leverage the tax laws in each jurisdiction, but always kicking the profits upstream via Private Contract.

We'll show moderate profits as a kind of kick-back to the system. The real money is in the data. Data about YOU.

In our system, YOU are the node with 10,000 edges
22) In commercial jurisdictions, we'll make money from advertisers, and premium account types... The standard "Freemium model."

Perfect cover...

Again, not much money is really being kicked upstream. The money is in the DATA.

How do we make a fortune off this? Hmmm... I know!
23) We create a private back-door to our system, with full access to our graph universe... Whatever you want to know... Go ahead and ask.

How many people will vote between the ages of 50-60 if it's cold and rainy? Bam!

How many used the word "Vaccines" in a search? Bam!

24) How many times was the phrase "GMO" used in Bakerfield, between August 12th and October 20th? And what networks were they on? And what street addresses are tied to the result set? What is the likelihood of them owning a weapon? Bam! Graph DB at your service.
25) Now we need a BIG launch, with celebrities, growth hackers, marketers, and PR agents... let's get Life Journal launched! And we'll keep our brand in front of their noses with constant ads, and commercials... Once we get to critical mass, we package this puppy up and sell it..
26) The highest bidder... All legal. No laws broken.

Possible? Nah... C'mon... Take off the tinfoil hat.

My apologies... Just a morning coffee thought experiment. Nothing more.

Nothing to see here.

Move along. Move along.

27) P.S. A little tip... We are still limited by the confinement of "binary."

Want to know where it's really at? Analog, baby... Signals... Waves... Disturbance.

What if we could do all this without a "computer?" So to speak... 1000 x faster.

Some people dream in waves. #Tesla

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