One thing that makes this #Khashoggi story difficult to assess when it comes to who's responsible is that there are different factions within Saudi Arabia constantly jockeying for power. It's not one monolithic thing.

Bin Salman heads only one faction.

Mohammad Bin Salman [MbS] not only has to deal with states in the region that want to thwart his plans for Saudi Arabia [SA} & the Middle East [ME] such as Iran, Turkey, Syria, Russia, Quatar...he also has people inside SA itself that don't like his reforms or agenda.
So when the narrative gets presented that "The only way Khashoggi could end up dead is on the direct orders of MbS" you might want to keep this in mind.

There are SEVERAL ways Khashoggi could end up meeting his demise at the hands of Saudis not working on the orders of MbS.
Powerful factions within SA, several of whom do not like the Crown Prince's reforms or the fact he was promoted to his current position ahead of others in the royal family, could have done this in the hopes of pinning it on MbS.
Too many false/fake news stories came out of Turkey in the past week to say anything further. This latest news comes just after it was reported Pompeo heard an audio of the killing that was quickly walked back in less than a day.


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❌ Cheezy Borger ❌:

Jamal Khashoggi, missing activist and writer, killed in fight, state media reports #FoxNews
M.L. Locker:
Yep... all the sons and nephews of prior King are fighting internally for power. When King Salman bumped other guy as Crown Prince, and replaced with his own son, that created a power struggle. It's obvious what's going on here.
Tom Servo:
Yup they tried to kill him at the Vegas shooting
Football and MMA:
Me, still waiting....
Pam Simson:
We heard nothing about the horrible torture
Chris Stevens suffered before being killed and dragged through the streets
Where was corrupt media
Where were politicians?
Dan Dugan:
Average Joe's don't understand that though that's what they count on
Guyzer 🇨🇦🇺🇸:
I don’t understand why the western media is so focused on a Saudi reporter who was killed in Turkey? Crissakes there are hundreds of minorities killed annually in Chicago & media couldn’t care less. That is true racism.
We The People:
Sounds a lot like the USA now and what @POTUS has to put up with
Lola Francesca:
What makes it difficult is he lived and worked in America and President Trump doesn’t want to lose Saudi’s as peaceful comrades in area and in purchasing power. Trump is between a rock and a hard place. Congress will become unhinged.

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(Se tiver sugestões me avisa que vou incluindo!)
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