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This is the Sima ScreenWriter, a device for putting titles on your home videos.
The back
It's apparently from 1992, and takes a CR2032 battery
The very minimalist IO panel. composite in, composite out, power and a switch.
I think I missed my chance to get a free issue of Videomaker.
I just love the layout of the manual
For your home, do you currently own or plan to buy any of the following?
Cellular Phone?
PC or compatible Computer?
Apple / Macintosh Computer?
CD ROM Drive?
have you or your spouse ACCESSED THE INTERNET in the last 6 months?
Opening it up! Here's the keyboard side. Check out that chip: Intel C30261AE, from 1980?
I can't figure out what that is.
The slightly blurry main board inside.
Interestingly it says Prowtec Co 1994, not Sima 1992?
Hey look, it's an 8051!
Specially a TEMIC TSC80C31 which is a 12mhz variant of the Intel design.
A Mitsubishi M50458. This is an on-screen-display chip.
ugh, blurry pictures. I need to re-open this thing (these are old pictures) and retake them.
I don't know what the TI chip is, at all, but the other one is some kind of Mosel-Vitelic chip (probably power transistors?). It's a MT62C064P-70LL
oh wait, nevermind, duh, the TI chip is an eprom. You can tell the sticker is covering the UV window.
also, calling @gravislizard to this thread, because this top video is Exceptionally Him.
if I could figure out AT ALL how to use this thing, I'd make a picture of it saying "I CAN SEE YOU GRAVIS"

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