“Why are Tumblr and Facebook cracking down on sex so much? And why is Facebook in so over zealous about it? It’s all Apples fault!” Etc etc

I can explain all. It is largely the fault of a set of US laws called SESTA and FOSTA.

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this seems like something the PDS is built for covering. As sneaky laws doing more or less of completely different things than their aim has been a theme of a number of your stories. All comes back to censorship and the first step to really having intrusive government.
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No, it's largely because American culture was initially founded by Puritans, and then had a Victorian complex.
You are correct sir! Good on you for reminding people that laws crafted in haste are often bad.
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hey, you should do a follow up video to your #Article13 one on this, even if article 13 doesn't happen, #FOSTA and #SESTA are already destroying the internet! THIS NEEDS WIDER ATTENTION!
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it's not just SESTA/FOSTA - it's what SESTA/FOSTA opens the door to in terms of looking at the books and following the money.

These companies have no problem with sex work - but if that means the government gets a REAL look at their financials, well.... that's another story
The whole world is not the United States. These people should move their operations out of the US.
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