❤✈️🌎 2 years ago today @JamesIvings and I sold all our belongings and left the UK to travel for a year. We've never been happier and we have no plans to ever return there 🙂

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Since then we've started a remote web dev company @SquarecatWebDev and been lucky enough to have completed several freelance projects 💻 that have kept us on the road.
In the last few months we've become a huge part of this amazing new Maker community and have found so many new friends from @makerskitchen, @women_make_ and several others! 🥰
We love travelling together (even if I'm only a glorified laptop watcher 😒) but we're both much happier being able to share our ideas outside of our own little bubble and our products have benefitted too!
Here's to another year of nomading with my favourite person and to the Maker community continuing to grow with our help! Maybe one day we'll all get to meet each other ✌️ 💛

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Tristan Bailey ⚙️:
Cakes all around 🧁
Pradip Khakhar:
Congrats to both of you! That’s an amazing accomplishment. 👊🏼
Relationship goals...wait I’m not in a relationship so, just goals 🤦🏾‍♀️ https://t.co/7XqRvJt4Ou
Kyle 🤙:
Y’all make me want to drop everything and become a digital nomad too! Maybe one day

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