🕵️‍♂️ How Google's PageRank algorithm works

The PageRank algorithm gives each page a rating of its
importance, which is a recursively defined measure of importance, based on if important pages link to it.
It's recursive because the importance of a page refers back to the importance of other pages that link to it
Here's how it works in practice:
1⃣ We start with some pages and crawl them for links
2⃣ Each page has 1/N points (where N as the total number of pages)
3⃣ Add points to each page for the amount of links to it, divided by the number
of links emanating from the sources of these links
4⃣ If a page has no links redistribute its points equally among all the other pages
🔁 Repeat until the page points stabilise (what really happens repeating is that at each repetition there's a damping of the redistribution, but that's not easy to understand or explain 😅 but you can imagine it as a "decay" of points being redistributed)

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