The man who invented autocorrect should burn in hello.

It was meant to put a smile on your face. Please stop sending me instructions on how to turn my autocorrect off. 😳🤔
Texted my friends to ask if I could take their kids with me to Satan... still have not heard back from them. I meant Santa...
Thanks for all the love, I appreciate a follow. 💗

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Jen Johnson:
It’s a total clusterduck.
Margaret Johnston:
Nina 👀:
Me: *turns off autocorrect*

Autocorrect: *turns itself on at the most inconvenient times*
What do we want?
An auto correct that works!
When do we want it?
The very reverend left_of_right #FBPE:
may he rest in peas
Anna Anonymous:
How do you know it was a man? It could have been a wombat.
Are you sure you don't mean "he'll"?
Autocorrect is my worst enema.
Bernie Good:
Nazia Kazi:
As someone who’s name gets autocorrected to Nazi, I agree

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