What is Buzzways?

Buzzways lets you discover and read the best of Twitter threads in an easy, blog-like form.

By replying to an interesting thread on Twitter, mentioning @Buzzwaysapp and 'unroll' keyword, you can obtain a link to the tweet collection on Buzzways.

Just try '@Buzzwaysapp unroll'.

Also feel free to discover all the threads already unrolled on the Buzzways webpage.

What is the story behind Buzzways?

At first, I made this app for myself, because I was lacking an easy way to discover similar discussions on Twitter. You can, of course, search for specific keywords or hashtags, but usually these searches are too broad. That's how 'Tweet Collections' came to life.

Then, I noticed that people are more interesed in a specific thread concerning a particular topic than a broad spectrum of similar tweets. Thus, Buzzways changed its focus a little bit - to threads - but that's still work in progress. The vision for Buzzways is to become a place helping to discover all the cool things on social media.

How do I opt out of having my content featured on Buzzways?

Just reach out to us on @Buzzwaysapp or send a Direct Message on Twitter. We will add your user id to our opted out list and your content will no longer appear on Buzzways.